Work Train Governance

Work Train is administered by CenterState CEO and is a major program within its Economic Inclusion Division. CenterState CEO is an independent and forward thinking economic development strategist, business leadership organization and chamber of commerce dedicated to the success of its members and the prosperity of the region.

The Work Train Collaborative oversees and advises the strategies and activity of the initiative. The Collaborative is comprised of a diverse cross section of advisors representing philanthropy, local government, community organizations, education and training, and business. Collaborative members are all invested in Work Train operations or strategies, either through financial contributions or leveraged resources. A smaller Funders’ Collaborative within the group oversees Work Train’s finances and investments.

Work Train Collaborative Members:

Collaborative Members who are part of the Funders Collaborative are identified with an asterisk.

Work Train is an affiliate of the National Fund for Workforce Solutions, a national network implementing best practices and pursuing systems change in their communities. Through this partnership, Work Train has access to funding, technical assistance, and best practices in the field. As a part of this extensive network, Work Train contributes to a national conversation that works to align the needs of communities with those of businesses. As active participants in this conversation, we are influencing policies and resource allocation to create a more inclusive national economy.